Strata Success Stories – Danny Rook

Strata Success Stories – Danny Rook

In pursuit of achieving his goal of becoming a fully qualified Electrician, Danny Rook has begun his journey as an Electrical Apprentice at Strata, having joined us in March earlier this year.

Currently enrolled in the Level 3 Electrical Installation & Electrical Maintenance Apprenticeship course, spanning over 4.5 years, Danny has spent his first 2 terms showing an unwavering amount of determination and ambition to excel in his training, proactively seeking guidance from our experienced engineers, wanting to develop his skills and become an asset to the business.

We recently took an opportunity to catch up with Danny, to gather insights into his apprenticeship journey and learn more about his day-to-day life on the tools at Strata…


What or who made you want to get into your chosen apprenticeship and why specifically did you pick an electrical trade?

“I wanted to become an electrician as the trade is very interesting. Also, the opportunity to have an apprenticeship is good as I can learn further outside of college by being on the tools every day.”

What is a typical day like in your job at Strata/what do you get up to?

“My days are very different every day. Some days I can go as far as Manchester and Cambridge. My day-to-day mostly consists of lighting and electrical maintenance.”

What would you like to do once you are qualified?

“I ultimately would like to have my own company one day, but I will work for strata for the foreseeable future.”

Would you recommend your apprenticeship to your friends?

“Yes, I would as it is a good trade to learn and very interesting. It also creates further opportunities.”

Are there are any other qualifications you would like to do next?

“At the moment I think I will stick to my current course. However, in the future I may look to widen my skill set by taking another course.”

What do you spend your time doing outside of work?

“Outside of work I enjoy playing football and Golf.”



“Since joining the business Danny has shown a maturity beyond his years and already become a valued member of the team. His attitude and approach to his work is exemplary and his engagement with all key stakeholders is something to behold. Welcome to the team Danny. Myself and the wider team look forward to watching you progress along your journey.”

Gordon Botten, Service Delivery Director

9th August 2023|