Strata has been built from a foundation of a strong people-based culture, we truly believe that our people are the key to our success and the continued delivery of our customer focused, ‘yes we can’ service offering.

Our Culture is defined as a combination of our Business Pillars which are Collaboration, Service and Quality, our Values of Customer, Agile, Responsive, Energised and Sustainable, and how we behave, ‘Our Trademark Behaviours’.

We create an environment where people are supported and empowered to thrive and develop, innovate, share their ideas and be a part of Strata’s drive to continuing improve for the benefit of Strata, its people and importantly its customers.

Our Business Pillars:


Our Values

Our Trademark Behaviours

Open & Honest Communication

Our People are driven to communicate in an open, honest and respectfully professional way, with achieving target outcomes at the forefront of decision making.

Problems with Solutions

Problems and Barriers to success are common, our People are driven to bring potential solutions to any problems that may arise.


Our People aim to create a safe and positive working environment with collaboration at is centre for service success.

Respectful and Safe Environment

Our People are each responsible for ensuring they act and communicate respectfully with all and all times.


Our People have can do attitude.


Our People take full ownership of their role and support our Clients to enable mutual success.


Our People take pride in what they do, how you do it, how they act, how they represent Strata and your business, and they take pride in themselves.