Drainage Maintenance – Is Your Pipework Getting Blocked With Limescale?

Drainage maintenance is imperative for the good upkeep of our property’s infrastructure. It can prevent nuisance blockages, unwanted odours, limescale build up in pipework and alert you to pipework failings that can cause greater operational challenges and expense.

A client recently engaged us to investigate what the cause was of their ongoing WC blockages was.

We started with a comprehensive CCTV survey of all the drainage pipework from the WC’s to the main sewer. It became quickly apparent that a long-term build-up of limescale was present and was causing the problem.

The limescale build-up was reducing the flow of the pipework by 75%!

We quickly remedied the issues with a full pitot clean and descale (completed out of hours to avoid occupant disruption), and our site team members were shocked to say the least by the extraordinary amount of build-up of scale that was discovered and removed.

Our client was very satisfied with our prompt identification of the issue and remedy action that we carried out, with no further issues reported since.

This live situation highlights the importance of drainage maintenance – just because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it should be neglected. It can be a costly and disruptive exercise to remedy if left unmaintained.

14th December 2023|