Project Description

This project was located on the second floor of Building 4 within the Thomas More Square estate and involved the sub division of an existing space to form 3 separate demises.

As with all projects, liaison was key to this project’s success. This, together with our experience, approach and reliability, enabled us to meet the requirements of the construction industry as well as our commitment to meeting client requirements and achieving high levels of client satisfaction.

The programme included ceiling alterations and the installation of a new feature ceiling, the supply and installation of solid as well as glazed partitioning and the laying of new carpet tiles throughout.

The associated mechanical and electrical services were also reconfigured. This included modifications to the sprinkler system, Fire Alarm and PA system, together with the supply and installation of kitchen fixtures and fittings and associated services.

Ever mindful of the site context, a mixed use occupied development comprising office buildings and retail blocks within central London, Strata worked to ensure all operations, including storage, were confined within the site and due regard was always given to neighbouring occupiers, visitors, other Contractors and members of the public.